"Hi, my name is Chris Sampson and I've often watched people swing dance and thought they were having a blast, and I wanted to learn how to swing dance myself. I ran into the instructors for Mountains Dancing one night and made an appointment for private lessons with them once a week for an hour. My first lesson I was nervous, but Ina, Nicole and Cody were the nicest, most patient and kind people I have ever met and they made it fun almost immediately and my nervousness was gone. It has been about 2 months now and I have learned so much and look forward to lessons every week to learn more dance moves. There are so many, it's amazing. I absolutely have a blast at my lessons and an hour goes by in a flash. I would highly recommend reaching out to Mountains Dancing for lessons, it is so much fun and their group is amazing and so good at what they do.

Sincerely, Chris Sampson"

"I joined their group dancing event at the Badlander in Missoula as a beginner. It was a great time, Mountains Dancing does a great job of bringing you up to speed on country swing! It is great for beginners. I've taken several classes in Montana and theirs is by far the best. Their classes are fun and their teachers are committed and professional.

Stephen Krings"

"Ina and Cody were wonderful! They were super helpful in getting us to learn proper technique and making it easy to understand. I highly recommend taking lessons from them. We had tried lessons with other people and learned more in three lessons and we did with any of the others combined. The experience was easy and fun!"